Thursday, 26 April 2012

another birthday :)

Tomorrow will be my 51st Birthday - a day when you accept that you are definately in your 50's and to be honest it does not feel too bad.  Yes, I have quite a tum, the bread diet was tough and came to a juddering stop - due to my shameful lack of willpower.  The odd wrinkle on my face, 3 liver spots on my hands, and too many grey hairs to count, but I feel good and the fall into the crafting world has given me a huge lease of life.

To celebrate we will be travelling to Twickenham to watch the Army V Navy Rugby which I am so looking forward to, having both served in the Army in the days of Northern Ireland, the Falklands and when you could get postings to Singapore or Hong Kong.  We will be meeting up with some old faces (including our own) at the Royal Signals Association beer-tent and I am sure a good time will be had by all.

There will be no extravagent pressies as my poor hubby is in and out of work during this ever-lasting recession - but I will hold him close to my heart and we will keep smiling through - somehow when you are a little down on your uppers you do seem to laugh more :)

So Happy Birthday to me, on reflection I do have a lot to look forward to and god willing we may even get the odd day when we get to do our Happy Dance !


  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day out at Twickers. As long as you've got hubby with you, you don't need expensive gifts. He can always give you a special pressie later *wink wink*

    I've got my BIG 5-0 next year, but that's 17 months away. That makes it sound so much longer lol.

  2. Happy pre-birthday!
    And, I love your attitude.
    Celeste x

  3. ooer Matron !! - thanks moleymakes - those kind of pressies are guarenteed to keep those worry lines at bay :)
    And thank you Celeste - I sure do prefer growing old naturally, to looking like a rubber duck xx

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I know what you mean when you say at 51 you know you're in your 50s. I have that pleasure to come in August!
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you Missy, I will sure enjoy the day with a hair-cut booked followed by a little retail therapy, or if I'm honest shopping for some nice looking but comfy flatties for my day in Twickers tomorrow - I value the thought of being able to walk rather than hobble at the end of the day :)