Wednesday, 21 September 2011

comes from a pet and smoke free home

I so, so hate this saying on listings on both ebay and etsy.  It just seems so pompous and snobby and makes me want to contact the sellers and ask if it also comes from a home where no abuse is happening, where the Dad or Mum is not getting drunk all the time or doing drugs and whether the children are cared for, loved and with mature healthy minds.

I also want to know if the products are being made in some far flung corner of the globe by children, whether they are rip-offs or genuine, and if they are going to rip me off with the postage costs.

I often feel that pet free homes tell me that the owners are busy with jobs, live in a unsuitable place for pets or  just might be a little bit uptight, scared of a few hairs, dirt or my favourite....... cat hair balls !!  And as for smoke free homes I say each to his own, as long as the product has not got a cigarette burn, cigarette ash all over it and if it smells of tobacco has had a lovely fresh wash.

All I know from the "comes from a pet and smoke free home" is that it is not listed by Dot Cotton, Audrey Hepburn, Jilly Cooper, Liz Jones,  Marilyn Monroe, and any other pet loving or smoking person..... but it just might be coming via someone who is cruel, bitchy, violent, nasty, arrogant or worse.


  1. Hello Susan:
    This post has really made us laugh. We are very new to ebay but already have seen this very phrase repeated on so many occasions. It strikes us as completely meaningless, especially when one is considering the purchase of something which is Victorian. Do the sellers really know all the previous owners so intimately, we wonder?

    One careful owner, no dents, dings or that is music to our ears!!!

  2. Hi Jane
    Thank you for commenting - have just gone over it and toned it down a bit - the fear factor of putting my oh so big foot in it has rubbed off on me ..... but only a little bit :)

  3. It is a bit overboard for a description of an item being sold. Nothing is GERM FREE! Are they suppose to also list that it's sneeze, couch and dust free? When you get your purchased item, wash it! I wash everything that comes from a department store, especially anything that touches the skin. You just never know... someone could have tried that shirt on with no deodorant or that pair of pants with no undies....eWWwww! LoL

  4. Some people are so anal! My dog lies all over everything in my house. (I won't be selling anything much on ebay then...)