Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Permed Hair

The lovely Michelle of The Royal Sisters wrote about having her hair permed which so made me smile.  She mentioned the difficulties in keeping a perm - which I remember from my other life being a total hassle.  But how much happier is a perm than hair that has been pressed and ironed into place - a girl with a perm is just so much more fun, happy, groovy and retro.


  1. I have had perms in my time but can't say I ever looked like Kylie!
    Are perms coming back then? My kids will be curling their hair instead of straightening it!
    Hope all is going well in your shop. Haven't had a chance to pop in but will as soon as I can.

  2. Hello Susan and Kevin:
    Well, this just goes to show that one must just wait around long enough and everything will reappear in fashion once more. Marilyn Monroe, now to keep with the straight hair, we think as it has already had its Mary Quant day and surely its revival cannot be too far off.

    We are delighted to have found you via Karen at 'A Quiet Corner' and have enjoyed reading back through previous posts. We have signed up as Followers to keep in touch.

  3. To Missy - did not open the shop within a shop in Leigh-on-Sea, due to my hubbys uncertain working future we lost our nerve and have now a small unit for half the price on Hamlet Court Road in The Big Society shop near Fields Menswear - am in there on Saturdays if you ever pop by :)

    and to Jane and Lance a big hello - how lovely to have a couple as bloggers and thank you for your lovely message - I really must make more of an effort on the blogging side....... :)