Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Simple New Year New You Diet

For a very long time I have continued adding the pounds to my poor heavy waistline, so now is the time to do something about it - and as Helen is of a certain age - I will use her as my inspiration.

I have always found that diets are very time-consuming.  Thinking about what to eat and sometimes a very long list of produce to buy, not to mention the shock to your system of following a regimented diet.

In the end we all know roughly what is good for us and what is bad for us and deep down we probably know that the regular portions of chips, sugar, sweets, cokes etc are doing us no favours.

So my diet is really simple and easy to follow - it is about making one small change each week to your normal eating habits.  The weight loss will not be fast but hopefully it will be steady.  For instance, I am 99% sure that eating bread bloats up my stomach and leaves me looking as though I am 8 months pregnant - so for Week 1 I have ditched the bread.  Sadly nothing can replace one of my favourite foods, so I have simply said bye bye to bread.

Next week I will swap all of my coffees for tea - simply because I take sugar in coffee but not in tea.  The week after I will give up my bed-time cake or biscuits, then followed by losing the chips and replacing with boiled or baked potatoes etc.

It is not the most eciting diet in the world but I am feeling quite sure that those pounds will slowly start to melt away and hopefully next summer I too can wear a bikini in my 50's !!

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