Monday, 12 December 2011

Leave Our Kirstie Alone !

Our lovely crafting queen Kirstie Allsop received some bad press this week from the attention-seeking Sally Bercow.

On the one side you have a feminine, ladylike, classy, graceful, home-making, crafting enthusiast - and on the other a non-ladylike, publicity hungry, person - so unfamous that I am not even sure what she does - apart from being married to Mr Speaker.

But the lady could sure learn to have some self-dignity and maybe to dig out a crochet hook, some knitting needles or a sewing machine and learn to appreciate the joy of crafting and to understand the enormous pleasure of finishing a one-off item to treasure or give to a friend.


  1. Well said, there is simply no comparison between the 2, I certainly know who I'll be sticking up for :) x x x x

  2. Kirstie would probably appreciate support from two lovely ladies - but would be too dignified to comment or retaliate - I wish she was a serious role-model for young girls :)