Friday, 12 August 2011

Keep Aaron Cutting Donations

This is Aaron Biber who is 89 years old and had his small barbers shop wrecked by the rioters, I heard his story on the news tonight and just had to send this charming and lovely chap a small donation to help keep him in business - after all he is 89 - still working - and is not likely to want to try a career change at this time of life.  You can read his story and make a donation here .

Well done also to Björn, Sophie and Omid, 3 young interns who used the power of the internet to help Aaron - a lovely warm story after a battered and turbulent week.


  1. This is so sad but nice to see that there are some decent individuals out there wanting to help those in a time of need, I can't believe how much was raised in such a short period of time, hopefully it won't be long until all is undone and people can go back to normality again xxx

  2. Hi Gem
    a lovely comment and I think that on the news they said that if too much is raised it will go in to helping others harmed by the rioting. If I could find similar for the lady talking about the destruction of her home and how she said that it was not the furniture that matters but the gifts bought by her mum to treasure or the present bought by her husband when they started courting - then I would have loved to donated to her also :)
    Have a lovely weekend
    Best wishes
    Susan x