Tuesday, 2 August 2011

new beginnings

welcome to my new blog.  I am Susan Potter and alongside my lovely and very much appreciated husband we are setting up our first small business named Millicent James in Leigh-on-Sea within a fabulous store called What The Butler Saw. 

We are due to open on the 1st September and are hoping to sell an eclectic range of hand-painted and upcycled furniture, crocheted products, interesting interior accessories, collectables, prints, crafting magazines and yarn. 

So for now I wake up each day in a mad haze of panic, will we have enough stock, will it sell, will anybody like what we do, what if we sell everything all in one go, what if my hubby ends up out of work and we cannot afford the rent to give it a chance to grow.

Please do also take into account that this year I reached the grand age of 50 - so therefore wondering if I am a little bit crazy for taking this on :) 


  1. thank you Kim, it is really appreciated x

  2. How exciting! I will spread the word at my knitting group here in Chelmo. Can't wait to come and visit! x

  3. I know I'm late with this, but I will definitely be down for a butchers when you open. My mate and I had a chat with the guy who runs What The Butler Saw a couple of months ago, he was trying to talk us into running the cafe unit in there! We seriously considered it and also opening a small unit, but bottled out!
    It's good to know there are a few like minded people about in this neck of the woods! Right... off to Battlesbridge soon to hunt down some toot!

  4. Hi Missy
    Will be happy to see you when we open - next saturday - although I will only be in on Saturdays as I have to keep my day job for now. The cafe is apparently being done out for opening and since I put my name down three more small sections have opened including a lighting section - so Tony is definately being flooded with like-minded wanabees.
    As for Battlesbridge I used to love going there with my Dad who dealt in vintage postcards and would spend some time with Chris at Sunnydale (I think) followed by a bacon butty and a cup of tea around the corner :) I hope that you managed to find a few good bargains of toot! xx