Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My most excellent giveaway - some rules

I have had a tremendous response to my giveaway so far and it sure has kept me busy today - it is so uplifting after the misery of recent news in our poor battered country.

But to be sure that nobody misses out - do please ensure that if you want to enter - that your name pops up in my followers section.  If you enter you will (in time) receive your allocated draw number from me.  If you just leave a lovely but anonymous message, then I have no way of contacting you and cannot enter you in the draw.

Of course - if you really, really want to remain anonymous - then you can also contact me direct to


  1. Wow you have been busy, can't believe how many followers you now have, this is amazing xxx

  2. oh thank you Gem - am fair worn out from it all :)

  3. again I am having trouble with your followers link, not sure if it is just me or if its a problem with blogger??
    Jane x x x